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2018 Bonnevlle Speed Week Records
Written by Camille Wells
Wednesday, 22 August 2018 19:40
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2018 Bonneville Records

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Ian Brown, 370 CI 32 Ford Roadster   CGR @ 244.146 mph

Ian Brown, 370 CI 32 Ford Roadster   CGR @ 246.732 mph (Broke his own record)

Ro Yale, 437 CI Fuel Rear Engine Modified Roadster   BFRMR @ 268.321 mph

Andy Loyd, 260 CI Classic Blown Fuel Altered   ECBFALT @ 225.034 mph

Ro Yale, Gas Class   BGRMR @ 270.020 mph

Corey Severa, 370 CI Gas Rear Engine Roadster  CGRMR @ 263.176 mph

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