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    Land Speed records

    posted today!  6 Records for 2018

Keith Dorton and our team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for our dependable race engines.  It's a reputation we have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams, with a Daytona 500 winning team among them.  Call us today to discuss how we can make you a winner.
2018 AETC Conference

If you are attending PRI at Indy 2018 you should definitely check out the AETC conference.  Keith will be speaking Tuesday and Wednesday.

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2018 World Finals - Bonneville
Keith and Jeff will be in Bonneville next week for World Finals with Hot Rod Hoodlums and Paul Gilliam.  We will keep you updated on the records next week.  Please be aware that our hours may be different but follow the phone prompts and you will reach Jeff or Keith.
New Phone System

Automotive Specialists has a new phone system.  Please listen to the prompts to reach Keith and Jeff.

2018 Bonnevlle Speed Week Records


2018 Bonneville Records

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Ian Brown, 370 CI 32 Ford Roadster   CGR @ 244.146 mph

Ian Brown, 370 CI 32 Ford Roadster   CGR @ 246.732 mph (Broke his own record)

Ro Yale, 437 CI Fuel Rear Engine Modified Roadster   BFRMR @ 268.321 mph

Andy Loyd, 260 CI Classic Blown Fuel Altered   ECBFALT @ 225.034 mph

Ro Yale, Gas Class   BGRMR @ 270.020 mph

Corey Severa, 370 CI Gas Rear Engine Roadster  CGRMR @ 263.176 mph

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