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Keith Dorton and our team at Automotive Specialists are known worldwide for our dependable race engines.  It's a reputation we have earned by designing and building engines for many high profile race teams, with a Daytona 500 winning team among them.  Call us today to discuss how we can make you a winner.
Sealed Engine
Written by Camille Wells
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 21:05
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sealed_engineAutomotive Specialists, Inc. has developed this Chevrolet sealed engine utilizing our 46 years of building racing engines. Our current experience working on Nationwide, Truck and other current upper level racing engines, also play an important part in this package.

This engine can be used for different divisions requiring horsepower restrictions by using different carburetors.

Durability and longevity were prime factors in designing this engine.

8 mm coated valves, beryllium copper alloy valve seats along with a hydraulic roller cam and light weight rockers provide a broad operating rpm and durability.

Quality parts are used throughout the engine and external accessories.

Engine is supplied complete as shown with carburetor, clutch, bell housing, alternator, power steering mount, oil pump, plumbing and ignition box.

Ford Engine of equal quality, horsepower and price available soon.  Call 704-786-0187 for more information

Powerblock_Horsepower_HP2011-08Keith appeared on Horsepower TV - watch him build Automotive Specialists' new sealed engine.     click here 

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